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Ngong hills is located near Ngong town, along the great rift valley south west of Nairobi in southern Kenya. Its a popular destination for visitors all over the country and for students. The following is a summary of the trek:

How far from
About 22km
Starting at Ngong Police Station
Ending at Kona Baridi
Duration of
4 - 5 hours
Terrain Initially a dirt road till the radio masts, then trails over the rolling hills for the rest of the way.
Difficulty Moderate. Can get very windy.

The highest peak is at 2460 metres above with the forest cover at 21000 km sq.

Description of route

The hike up Ngong Hills starts from Ngong town at the northern foot of the hills 1961m above sea level, and traverses the whole range to the southern end at Kona Baridi. This takes about 4 to 5 hour to complete, depending on fitness levels.

The first kilometer from Ngong Police Station is a gradual ascent through human settlements until you get to a barrier indicating the start of the Ngong Hills forest reserve. From here on, you go past a wind farm, before climbing the first steep hill leading to an area populated with Radio repeater station masts.

The road thins out descending into a trough as you climb one steep hill after another. On a lucky day you will encounter buffaloes around the fourth hill on account of the abudant bushes in the higher attitudes.

Visitors are required to pay Ksh 100 per person to Kenya Wildlife Service at their office near the Ngong Police Station.

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